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Defense Verdict in Window Defect Class Action

Union Square at Broadway Homeowners Association v. Western Pacific Housing – Broadway LLC, et al. (37-2011-00091935- CU-CD-CTL) Hon. Ronald L. Styn San Diego Superior TOPIC: Construction SUB TOPIC: Construction Defects FURTHER DESCRIPTION: Product Liability/Negligent Installation VERDICT: Defense ATTORNEY: Plaintiff – John H. Gomez, Deborah S. Dixon (Gomez Trial Lawyers, San Diego); Scott D. Levine (Silldorf […]

Plaintiffs Lemon Law

Our firm filed suit against a major automobile high-end manufacturer for alleged violations of the California consumer Protection Act/ Song Beverly Act.  After litigating the matter H&B obtained a full re-purchase price on behalf of client for the subject sports car plus attorneys fees and costs, less mileage and usage fees on behalf of client. […]

Personal Injury / Defense

Represented a Defendant employer in a personal injury claim brought by a third party for alleged negligent acts of client’s employee(s).  Plaintiff sought $250,000 from our client.  After litigating the matter, our firm obtained a release of all claims in exchange for client’s payment of $5,000.

House Fire/ Subrogation Defense

Represented a Defendant/ Cross-Defendant fireplace subcontractor in a single family house fire claim wherein the home was completely destroyed by fire.  Plaintiffs sought a total of $1,300,000 from our client. After litigating the matter, settled all claims in exchange for $20,000. Represented a Defendant/ Cross-Defendant insulation subcontractor in a single family house fire claim wherein […]

Construction Defect (Plaintiff)

Filed suit on behalf of client/owner of a high -end condominium for alleged water penetrations, construction, defects, and HVAC issues.  After litigating the matter the client’s condominium was repaired and mold abatement was performed at no cost to client and approximately $75K in lost rents were recovered on behalf of client. Filed suit on behalf […]

Insulation & Other Trades

Represented the garage door, fireplace, insulation, and weatherstripping  subcontractor in a construction defect lawsuit involving 113 single family homes.  The general contractor allocated a total of $268,000 in defects to the client.   After litigating the matter we settled all claims in exchange for payment of $7,500. Represented garage door, fireplace, shower enclosure, and insulation subcontractor […]


Represented window manufacturer in a construction defect case involving 41 Single Family Homes.  Plaintiffs alleged a total of $3.5 Million in defects, of which $207K were allocated to client.  After litigating the matter we resolved this claim without any monetary contribution from client.

Real Estate Case

Represented owner of real property who was sued by alleged potential buyer for promissory estoppel and quantum meruit.  After litigating the matter suit against client was thrown out and client was reimbursed attorneys fees and costs of the suit. Filed suit on behalf of client/ single family homeowner against client’s neighbor based upon spite fence.  […]