What Recent Successes Have You Had?

In the last 2 years, our office has successfully arbitrated a multimillion dollar claim on behalf of a major window manufacturer client, has settled nearly 100 separate constructions claims for pennies on the dollar for subcontractor clients involved in major construction defect litigation from San Diego County to Oakland, CA, has filed suit against numerous unscrupulous contractors for poor and/or substandard workmanship, fraud, misrepresentation, hiring unlicensed tradesman, etc. which has permitted our homeowner clients to damages that assist in rectifying the damages caused by those unscrupulous contractors, we have informally resolved and filed numerous claims/lawsuits on behalf of our consumer clients that enabled our clients to collect damages for fraud, misrepresentation, and to repair property damaged by defective products.   We believe our legal services provide justice for those who have been wronged by others.


How Did You Build a Successful Practice?

Hard work, honesty, and integrity.  I began my legal career as a prosecutor, prosecuting real estate agents for the State of Nevada Attorney General’s Office.  Thereafter, I returned to California only to handle a large civil litigation book of business in Nevada and California for a medium sized California law firm.  A large number of clients I represented back then are still my clients today.  I have maintained these relationships by thinking outside of the box, being extremely responsive, and aggressive with my handling of their claims, and by providing exceptional legal representation and continued positive results on difficult and/or complex cases/claims.  I have always treated my Clients’ cases as it was my own and I always provide with my Clients with the most cost effective/efficient options as quickly as possible so that they have choices early on in a claim and can make informed decisions on how they would prefer to proceed with a claim.  Lastly, I make it my practice to mitigate costs and activities on cases/claims we are handling to the benefit of my Clients.  Repeat clients and recommendations are a testament to this.


What Should I Look for in a Lawyer?

Make sure that your claim is going to get the attention it deserves.  A lot of attorney’s take on more business than they can handle, or take on claims outside of their expertise.  When these things occur, the Clients are the ones that suffer.   I will be the first to advise a prospective client if their claim is outside of our expertise and will provide them with a solid recommendation to other lawyers I personally know that may assist them with that claim.  Prospective Clients should read reviews on the lawyer, ask for references if there are no reviews, and make sure that you check the State Bar’s website for any prior disciplinary actions against that lawyer before even meeting the lawyer for consultation.  Again, knowledge, honesty, integrity, and the drive to win are what we thrive on.


How Important is Local Knowledge to the Success of Your Cases?

In small towns, its extremely important to have local knowledge.  In large cities like Los Angeles, knowledge of the local Court Rules is important, but California law is California law whether your in Oakland or San Diego.  I would say that knowledge of the area of your claimed specialty is more important to obtaining success on cases than local knowledge. No lawyer can practice in every area and be successful.  Be wary of the lawyer that has a number of specialties.   At our office, we focus on construction law, contracts, consumer protection laws – breach of consumer product warranties, product liability, and lemon law.  When you are looking for a lawyer, you want someone who is an expert in their particular field.


What Information Can You Provide in a Fee Phone Consultation?

If given the proper facts on the call, we can determine if it is something worth pursuing or not.  Sometimes it is most cost effective for the client to try to resolve on their own and sometimes they need an attorney to step in and help.  It depends on what stage of the claim the prospective client is involved in.  A lot of times we will offer to write letters on behalf of client’s that wind up resolving the claim immediately.  Other times, it is necessary to pursue litigation to achieve the client’s perspective.  Our job is to advise the client of all options and let them decide which path they would like to take.  In any option, we will let the Client know what we recommend – even if that recommendation means they will not be our client.


What Information Do you Need in a Free Phone Consultation?

Generally, we need a brief summary of the nature and scope of a particular claim.  Does the claim involve a licensed contractor? Is there a contract?  Was the contract signed by the parties? What was the scope of the contract? Specific dates related to the breach of a contract, non-performance of a contract, or dates in which damage occurred?  When was the item purchased?  Did the item come with a warranty? Did you prepare a summary of the claim? Do you have photographs to support your claims? Witnesses? Etc.  What is the Client’s goal? Depending on the claim, all of the aforementioned items would be requested by our office.


What Differentiates You from Other Lawyers in Your Community?

We are an aggressive litigation firm that is able to put pressure on a situation if necessary, or pinpoint issues that need to be addressed to obtain the Client’s objective.  Basically, we do what we tell our Client’s we will do.  We work as a team with our Clients to achieve their objectives.  We are also ultra-responsive to any client inquiries.  Don’t believe me?  Read our Client reviews on AVVO.com.


What is the Most Rewarding Aspect of Your Job?

Obtaining great results for Clients.  We always give 110% to our Clients and when our results show this fact it is very rewarding to see the Client’s response. It is also rewarding when we are able to come up with new extremely efficient ways to resolve a client dispute.  If we can avoid a lawsuit we will if its in the Client’s best interest to avoid that lawsuit.


What Are Your Other Interests in Addition to Law?

I am a father of two.  I enjoy following their school and sports activities.  I also enjoy being outdoors, whether that be sailing or going for a motorcycle ride with my wife in the South Bay.

I have been involved in Chamber of Commerce, Leadership Torrance, Legal Aid Foundation of Long Beach, local schools, local scouting and/or sports teams to name a few.  I am also a Past Commodore of Port Royal Yacht Club and a member of the International Brotherhood of the Blue Gavel.